Main features


When logged in, all users are automatically redirected to dashboard. This is page where most important features are presented. You can immediately add tasks here or see latest activity for your account.

User Management

In our project management system, you may invite new members or connect existing users to your team. If new user creates tasks, projects or uploads files, then all such resources will be added to your current subscription plan.


You may send or received message to any of your team member. All notifications are automatically sent by email to all recipients.


To run a company, you have to know how and where your projects are moving forward. We've build special section where you can see detailed statistics for both projects and team members. You may see how your team is performing over specific period of time.


Our software has full featured calendar which is able to show information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can see how all your tasks are scheduled over specific period of time.